Welcome to my Portfolio

Hi, I’m Josymar
<Mobile Developer/>

based in United States.


About Me

I am Software Developer from Santiago de Cali University at Colombia. Lastly, I have been working in React and Android, developing personal apps and projects. Java is my favorite language but I have knowledge in JavaScript, HTML, Spring and many others Frameworks. I like ReactJS library for frontend

My Services

I have experience developing robust apps and websites for high-volume devices. I am proficient at building and maintaining professional relationships.

Mobile App Development

Build hybrid and native mobile apps for a wide variety of devices Android and iOs.

Website Development

Build Websites, portfolios and ecommerce sites based on client requirements.

Backend Development

Development of backend services, Rest Apis, with variety of technologies.

Frameworks and Technologies

These are some of the libraries, technologies and languages that I have used in the latest projects.

My Latest Projects

I am going to show the projects that I have done during this time. Some of them are personal others for some clients.

Hire Me.

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via phone:(713)-489-3015 or email: info@josymardeleon.com